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Heart Attack

Trey Songz

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Heart Attack

Intro: Em G D C the whole song 

Em                             G 
We share, somethin' so charming, still so rare, 
           D                        C 
and I'm in awe, never been here before, 

Em                           G 
so high, we're still climbing, 
even here inside these walls,  
breaking each others hearts, 
and we don't care 'cause we're so, 
into deep can't think about givin' it up, 
but i never knew love, would feel like a heart attack, 
it's killing me, swear i never cried so much, 
'cause i never knew love, would hurt this fucking bad, 
worst pain that i ever had, 
never knew love, would hurt this fucking bad, 
worst pain that i ever had, 
All the times when i know i should be smilin', 
seem to be the time, that i frowned the most, 
can't believe that we're still survin', 
'cause I'm slowly breakin' down, 
even when i hold you close, 
And if i lose you,  
I'm afraid i would lose who, 
who i gave my love to, 
that's the reason i stay around, 
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