The Weeknd


The Weeknd

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	  		         F#m                 C#m 
Can I be honest with you please? 
            D                          C#m 
It's really hard for me to speak right now 
             F#m            C#m 
Girl, I been drinkin' all day 
                      D                         C#m 
It's been a long week, Can't you tell by my face? 
        F#m                      C#m            D              C#m 
I wanna lose myself between your legs, I wanna make your body shake 
             F#m                  C#m 
Girl, if you drink this fifth, no chase 
I promise you'll have nothing to say 

         F#m                       C#m 
Cause at least I deserve this no conversation 
        Bm          D 
I been working all week 
           F#m       C#m 
I'd rather be your enemy 
          D                      Bm 
Than any friend you think I would be 

         F#m                            E 
I'm just tryin' take you home without a word 
         C#m                                Bm   
I'm just trying to kiss your neck without a word 
         F#m                              E 
I'm just trying to lay you down without a word 
         C#m                              Bm  
I'm just trying to get you high without a word 
         F#m                               E 
I'm just trying to make you numb without a word 
         C#m                              Bm  
I'm just trying to make you c** without a word 
         F#m                                C#m 
I'm just trying to make you sleep without a word 
               D                                Bm (once)          
Girl, I'm just trying to let you leave without a word 
Without a word 
Please, please, please 
D             Bm      
Let me let me let me,  
let me 

Repeat for 2nd verse and so on 
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