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No Expectations Ukulele tab

The Rolling Stones

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by Fredubido+2

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No Expectations

Year: 1989 - Album: Beggars Banquet

Capo on 2nd fret
  		nd FRET  
INTRO:  A  E   A  E    A  E    D  A  E  
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E -------3--------------|-------3--------------| B --3/5*---5-5-------3--|--3/5*---5-5-------3--| NOTE: * means slide G --------------3/4*----|--------------3/4*----| to but don't D ----------------------|----------------------| strike the A ----------------------|----------------------| note. E ----------------------|----------------------| INTRO CONTINUED: E -------3-----------3--|------------------------------------| B --3/5*---5-5--3/5*----|--9/10*---10/8*---10/12*---10/12*---| G ----------------------|--9/10*---10/8*---10/12*---10/12*---| D ----------------------|------------------------------------| A ----------------------|------------------------------------| E ----------------------|------------------------------------|
VERSE: A E Take me to the station A E And put me on a train A E I've got no expectations D A E To pass through here again VERSE: Once I was a rich man Now I am so poor But never in my sweet short life Have I felt like this before VERSE: Your heart is like a diamond You throw your pearls at swine And as I watch you leaving me You pack my piece of mind INSTRUMENTAL: PLAY INTRO OVER - CHORDS AND ALSO SLIDE BAR PART VERSE: Our love was like the water That splashes on a stone Our love is like our music It's here, and then it's gone VERSE: So take me to the airport And put me on a plane I got no expectations To pass thrugh here again OUTRO: -- INSTRUMENTAL -- PLAY INTRO OVER - CHORDS AND SLIDE BAR PART any questions, comments or corrections e-mail me at: [email protected]
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