The Kingston Trio


The Kingston Trio

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verse 1 
Now let me tell you a story 
'bout a man named Charlie 
        G                D 
On this tragic & fateful day 
He put 10 cents into his pocket 
kissed his wife & family 
        G           D   G 
Went to ride on the M.T.A. 

G But did he ever return? C No, he never returned, G D And his fate is still unlearned G He may ride forever C 'neath the streets of Boston G D G He's the man who never returned
verse 2 G Charlie handed in his dime C At the Kendall Square Station G D And he changed for Jamaica Plain G When he got there the conductor told him C "One more nickel" G D G Charlie couldn't get off that train verse 3 G Now all night long Charlie C rides thru the station G D Saying, "What will become of me? G C How can I afford to see my sister in Chelsea G D G Or my cousin in Roxbury?" verse 4 G Charlie's wife goes down to C Scollay Square Station G D Every day at a quarter past two G And thu the open window C she hands Charlie a sandwich G D G As the train comes rumblin' thru Verse 5 G Now you citizens of Boston, C don't you think it is a scandal G D That the people have to pay & pay G C Fight the fare increase, vote for Walter O'Brien G D G And get Charlie off the M.T.A.!
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