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This Boy

The Beatles

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This Boy

Year: 1999 - Album: Free as a Bird


	  		Intro: D Bm Em A7 

       Dmaj7 Bm    Em        A7  Dmaj7  Bm 
    1. That boy----took my love away. 
       Em          A7        Dmaj7  Bm 
       Oh, he'll regret it someday, 
            Em7       A7             Dmaj7 Bm Em A7 
       But this boy, wants you back again. 

       Dmaj7 Bm    Em     A7      Dmaj7 Bm 
    2. That boy----isn't good for you, 
       Em           A7      Dmaj7  Bm 
       Tho' he may want you too, 
        Em7      A7             Dmaj7 D D7 
       This boy wants you back again. 
                       G                  F#7 
      Chorus: Oh, and this boy, would be happy, 
                       Bm              D7 
              Just to love you. But oh my... 
                   G                 E7 
              Oh, that boy won't be happy, 
               A7       A7sus   A7 F#m/A   A 
              Till he's seen   you cry....... 

       Dmaj7 Bm      Em      A7      Dmaj7 Bm 
    3. This boy----wouldn't mind the pain, 
       Em            A7      Dmaj7  Bm 
       Would always feel the same 
           Em7       A7             Dmaj7 Bm Em A7 
       If this boy, gets you back again. 

      Dmaj7  Bm Em A7 
      This boy... 
      Dmaj7  Bm Em A7 
      This boy... 
      Dmaj7  Bm Em A7  D 
      This boy...  
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