The Band Royale


The Band Royale

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1981 Key FmFm
1981 Key F#mF#m
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1981 Key DmDm
1981 Key D#mD#m
Intro Am  F  Bb Gm 

Am                  F 
Our sunset secret's everywhere 
In her eyes 
And every strand of her hair 

Seductive as sin 
    F              Bb 
But we can't begin again 
No no 

Am                        F 
She hides her fears in her lover's head 
Bb                     Gm 
Lives out her fears in her lover's bed 
Am              F 
All the while, in her own style 
     Bb               Gm 
She's in love with a shadow 

Am                F 
She just wants to feel god's breath 
Moving through her years 
Moving her to tears 
Am               F 
Sometimes being used 
Bb                         Gm 
Is better than being nothing at all 

F   C   Bb 
          Like it was 1981 
Gm   Bb   Dm 
            And i was driving you home 
F7M   C   Bb 
              We could be in love 
Gm   Bb   Dm 
            At least we could pretend 

Am              F 
      Yeah i'm awake  but just barely 
You're laying next to me 
Gm                           Am 
And you look me squarely in the eyes 
But to my surprise 
You see nothing 
What's there to see? 

Am                       F 
A walking shade, mostly a ghost 
If there ever were a time 
When i needed you the most 
This would be it 

Sometimes being used 
   Bb                           Gm 
Is better than being nothing at all 

Am              F             Bb 
I will wait for you to find yourself 
And then i'll wait some more 
F  C  Bb  Gm   Bb Dm 
Like it was 1981 
F Bb   Gm  Bb   Dm 
And i was driving you home 
F C  Bb7M  Bb  Gm    Bb Dm 
Yeah we could be in love 
F  C  Bb  Gm  Bb  Dm 

Final Am  F  Bb  Gm 
        Am  F  Bb  G 
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