This Is The Time


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This Is The Time

Capo on 2nd fret



Bm   G   D 

verse 1: 

Bm                 G            D 
This is the story of your life, a movie starring you 
Bm                     G               D 
What's the next scene have for you to do 
Bm                G             D 
Leave the dishes in the sink; leave your fear there too 
Bm              G                   D 
Live the story you would write for you 


Say hey, hey wake your heart 
      G                             D                             A           
And break, break, break apart the walls that keep you from being you 
And walk, walk towards the light 
      G                               D 
And don't stop ‘til you live your life 
Like someone died for you 

D A This is the time to try Em G Step out; your life is waiting D A And as you fall, you'll find G That you can fly
Repeat Chorus verse 2: Bm G You can find a million words D To build a wall of fear Bm G D Safe behind that wall, imprisoned here Bm G Take that someday step today D To whom you're meant to be Bm G D And turn your dreams to plans so you can breathe Repeat Pre-Chorus Repeat Chorus Bridge: Bm G Ask anyone whose time is up D What they'd give for what you got A And how they'd live your life Bm G Live like your life's worth dying for D You just walked out that prison door A And you'll know how to live your life Repeat Chorus x 2
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