No Joke


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No Joke

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	  		Intro: Fm  C#  D#  C#  D#  C#  F  D# 

Gm  Gm7(b5) 
I'll never know 
C#                   Fm 
And i know there is no joke, woh oh oh 
Cm7             A#7   G#7M           Fm 
I'll never know, and i know, gotta see it honey 

F(9)   A#m       D#(9) 
I gotta believe in love 
Fm           A#m7        G#7M  G#(9) 
But you know there is no joke, woh oh oh oh 

G#                 Fm 
With all my heart, i feel love 
Gm7(b5)             Fm 
But i'll never let you go 
All you know 
All i want 
Gm           Fm 
But you know, just hold my hand 
E              D# 
I've got on me, inertial 
Cm7                A#7M 
You've got a single question 
Believe in love 
D#7(9)      C#          Fm 
But you know there is no joke 
D#          Gm 
I'll keep on learning 
Fm                   Cm7 
But you know there is no joke, woh oh oh oh 
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