Seth Condrey

You Alone

Seth Condrey

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You Alone

Capo on 4th fret

Verse 1
When this life has overwhelmed me 
And I feel like giving up 
I will cling to all You've promised 
        Em            C 
It will always be enough 

When the world around me crumbles 
And it's hard to understand 
I will run to You my shelter 
     Em                   C 
I am safe within Your hands 

C          Em       D 
You are my help forever 

G I will not fear, God you are with me Em I know You're near, You'll never leave me C Em D I will trust in You alone G And when my heart, and strength have failed me Em My God You won't, Your name is mighty C Em D I will trust in You alone
Verse 2: G When I'm broken in the silence Em I can hear You whispering G You're not alone here in the trials Em C I will hold you faithfully Bridge: G Em You are fortress for the weak C The strength that carries me D When I am on my knees G Em The cross reminds my heart to trust C Your faithfulness and love D Will always be enough
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