Lady Starlight


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Lady Starlight

Year: 1980 - Album: Animal Magnetism

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Intro: e|---5-------5-----5------3---------5-----5--5--5-- B|-----7-------7----6-------3---------5----5--5--5- G|-------6-------6---7--------4---------6---6--6--- D|-0-------0------------5-------5_7---------------- A|----------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------- (5_7 = slide from 5 to 7)
Dmaj7 Walk through winternight G A looking the stars passing time Dmaj7 Dream about the summerdays G A loving you so and lonely pains G Bm G A I see the stars they're miles and miles away Dmaj7 G A like our love of one of these lovely winternights Dmaj7 Dreaming through winternight G A memories of you of passing by Dmaj7 Seems to me like yesterday G A I think you do I couldn't stay I see ... D like our love C D C lady starlight help me to find my love D C lady starlight help me tonight D C help me to find my love (* in this part it is best to use barre chords to make it sound real *) Walk ... Dmaj7 Snow touches with the wind G A I wish I could be with you again I see ...
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