Ryan Sorestad

Start Living It

Ryan Sorestad

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Start Living It


Intro:  F  C  C  Am  F  C  G 

              F         C                               Am 
It’s been a long hard road, but he wouldn’t change a thing 
             F          C               G 
From the scars on his hands to wedding ring 
            F           C                               Am 
He said I’m being called home, son,  my time is running out 
            F           C                               G 
But don’t you sweat the little things, there ain’t no room for doubt 
F           G           Am 
It’s ok to cry a little bit, 
                   F            G 
But you’ve still got your life, start living it 

F G Am Hold your girl a little longer F G Am Take your faith, get it stronger F G C G/B Am G F Make the time to say the loving things you want to say, G Everyday
F G ‘Cause this life’s all you’re gonna get FCCAmFCG (intro progression) Start living it V2 I bet your mom’s prepared a feast way up in the clouds It’s been a year since she’s gone, and I can almost see her now (He said) If I could go back and do it all again You know I’d live every single day, like it’s the end It’s ok to cry a little bit But you’ve still got your life, start living it F C G Am Take your time, slow it down F C G Enjoy the love you’ve got all around
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