Roy Orbison

It's too late

Roy Orbison



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It's too late

	  					   E     A  E 
It's too late, she's gone  
                  A            E  
It's too late, my baby's gone  
Wish I had told her she was my only one  
B7                       E   A  E         
But it's too late, she's gone  
It's a weak man that cries  
So I guess I'd better dry my eyes  
Guess I will miss her more than anyone  
But it's too late she's gone  
A			    E 
She's gone yeah she's gone  
A			    E 
She's gone my baby's gone  
A			    E 
She's gone yeah she's gone  
F#7               B7 
Where can my baby be?  
I wonder does she know  
When she left me it hurt me so  
I need your lovin please don't make me wait  
And tell me it's not too late  
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 

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