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Yesterdays Love Ukulele tab

Ricky Nelson

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Yesterdays Love

Capo on 2nd fret
  		Yesterday's Love  
Written by Baker Knight 
As sung by Ricky Nelson circa early to mid-1960's 
This is my best interpretation of this song per the record. 
I hope you enjoy it.  Though I can sing this song as is, I 
often transpose it to C which is more inline with my vocals. 
Played in A chord. 
Capo on 2nd Fret to play with youtube song at link below this song. 
              A       E          A   A7 
When I get to thinking about the past 
               D                                 A 
and all of the good things that were too good to last 
            A   F#m               D   E 
I cry in my heart for each little part 
of yesterday's love 
                    D           A   E 
(background vocals) yesterday's love 
             A      E                A   A7 
A few tender moments when heaven was mine 
                  D                            A 
the vows that you whispered with each kiss was divine  
               A  F#m                 D    E 
how empty they seem they're lost in a dream 
with yesterday's love 
                    D           A   A7 
(background vocals) yesterday's love 
D E A somewhere I lost you along the way E A A7 lost without knowing the price that I'd pay D A I can't help but wonder how things would have been B7 E E7 if I could start over and try it again
- - #3: A E A A7 but love has its problems and bridges to burn D A E you have to cross over and you never return A F#m D E for dreams have their day and then fade away A D A with yesterday's love, --yesterday's love - -
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