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Richard Buckner

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  		Richard Buckner           Once   written by Richard Buckner 
Steve Burgh     Mandolin  
David Grubbs    piano 
Richard Buckner Guitar 
John McEntire   Percussion  
Eric Heywood    Pedal Steel Guitar 
J.D. Foster     Organ 
C          G            F   C  
Once I was dug up I was sinking 
      G             F 
I was longing to be saved 
C                  G 
I lapped up to the bay bar 
      F        G              F 
And I saw her bobbing like a wave 
Dm             F   
And I slowed down 
C                    G                 F      C 
Just six months this summer since I've known her 
G               F 
That she's been away 
C                     G             F     C     G                  F 
And sometimes I still answer to the gone ghosts that only suckers make 
F         G           Dm      F   C  G  F C  G F          
Slow down and hold on hold on 
C       G          F       C 
Even my heroes are almost gone 
       G                  F 
Almost folding from the flame 
C           G 
But how low how can your fuse glow  
     F   C    G                          F  Dm  F  G  F  Dm  F 
And warm you until your torch begins to fade 
C              G              F         C 
I dreamed of a couple dancing close and drunk 
       G                    F 
In the spray of lights they made 
C              G 
And once I was dug up  
      F  C                 G            F   Dm F G 
I was sinking but now I'm longing to be saved 
From Richard Buckner "Since" 
MCA Records 1998 
Buckeluckus Music(BMI) 

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