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He'll Come Back Again Ukulele tab


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by Andre%5F14%5FSP

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He'll Come Back Again

  		(Versão: Ele vem)
Intro: Em  D  C   (4 X)

  G                             F    Em
Man if you're thinking that my God
                  D    Em
Is hanging on a cross
              D            C          Bm      Am       
Just like a dead symbol of something that has gone
     C  D                      G     D
Oh! No! I'm sorry but you're wrong

 G                              F    Em
And if you're thinking that my God
                          D    Em
Felt tired and went back home
           D      C 
To sit and rest alone
          Bm           Am
And he will never come back
    C  D                     G     
To bad! Cause you're wrong again

        Am          Bm         C                   D
Yes he lives and shines much more than a summers day
         Am         Bm             C                               
And one day you'll see from the clouds
He will be back again

                     G  C                   Em 
Someday he'll come again, like a lightning, yeah!
D                G   C              Em         D 
Right above my head, of the clouds, yeah! Oh, yeah!

Em  D  C        (4 X)
G  C  Em  D     (2 X)

Yes he lives...
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