Sweetness Follows Ukulele tab


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by rafa93

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Sweetness Follows

  		Sweetness Follows 
Abaixe 1 tom em todas as cordas : DGCFAD 
Introdução:  E5 
Readying to bury your father and your mother 
What did you think when you lost another? 
I used to wonder, why did you bother? 
Distanced from one, blind to to the other. 
Listen here, my sister and my brother. 
What would you care if you lost the other? 
I always wonder why did we bother? 
Distanced from one, deaf to the other. 
G6   A6/sus4   G6  A6/sus2 
Oh,              oh,    but sweetness follows. 
It's these little things, they can pull you under. 
Live your life filled with joy and wonder 
I always knew this all together thunder was lost in our little lives. 
G6   A6/sus4   G6  A6/sus2 
Oh,              oh,    but sweetness follows. 
G6   A6/sus4   G6  A6/sus2 
Oh,              oh,    but sweetness follows. 
::: Lívia, de todas as coisas boas da minha vida, você certamente é a melhor! 
          Te amu!! beijos ...   ::: 
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fdbk. D-|-------------------|---(0)h2-------------0----|----------------------------| A-|-------------------|--------------------------|---0------------------------| F-|-------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------| C-|-------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------| G-|--2----------------|--------------------------|----------------------------| D-|-------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------| D-|---------0------9------|--------------------------------|-----0---0h20-----| A-|-(0)---------------10--|-10h12-----------12--12h10h0----|----------------2-| F-|-----------------------|--------------------------------|------------------| C-|-----------------------|--------------------------------|------------------| G-|-----------------------|--------------------------------|--2---------------| D-|-----------------------|--------------------------------|------------------| full bend w/fdbk. D-|-----------------------------|-----------------------|---0-----------------| A-|-2----------0----------------|-------------0---------|---------------------| F-|-----------------------------|-----------------------|---------------------| C-|-----------------------------|-----------------------|---------------------| G-|-----------------------------|-----------------------|---------------------| D-|-----------------2b----------|--0--------------------|---------------------|
E5 It's these little things, they can pull you under Live your life filled with joy and thunder Yeah, yeah we were all together lost in our little lives. Oh, oh. G6 A6/sus4 G6 A6/sus2 Oh, oh, but sweetness follows. G6 A6/sus4 G6 A6/sus2 Oh, oh, but sweetness follows.
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