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Run Boy Ukulele tab

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Run Boy

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  		A                               E 
So you and your true love have parted  
And you've left her all a-lone  
Dont hesitate, untill it's too  late  
     A             E              A 
Just say that the fault was your  own   
A Run Boy fast as you can E Back to the one who loves only you Tell her your sorry you had to part and dont break her
A heart in two A E Just tell her you cant live without her A And dont let this be the end D Dont let your pride, cast your love aside A E A Go back and start over again A Chorus #2 Run Boy as fast as you can E Back to the one who loves only you Tell her you'll ne-ver roam again and dont break her heart A in two Go back and ask her to forgive you For doubting a love so true Dont be ashamed to say you are to blame Her arms are still yearning for you Repeat Chorus #1
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