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Crazy Arms Ukulele tab

Ray Price

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Crazy Arms

Year: 1990 - Album: The Essential Ray Price

Capo on 1st fret
  		Tab by: Dale Britton 
(note: Ray sings it with ) 
D		    D7	           G            D 
Now blue, ain't the wor-d, for the wa-y, that I feel 
			       D7	A	A7 
And the stroms brewin' in this heart of mine 
 D   	        D7	     G	  	      D 
This, ain't no crazy dream I kn-ow, that it's real 
   D                   A                 D       G  D 
You're someone else's love now, your not mine 
D D7 G D Cra-zy, a-rms, that reach to hol-d, somebody new, A A7 For my yernin' heart keeps sayin' your not mine D D7 G D My troubled mind knows s-oon, to another, you'll be wed A D And th-at's, wh-y, I'm lonley all the time
instrumental D D7 G D So please, take the treasured dreams I had, for you and me D7 A A7 And take, all the love I thought was mine D D7 G D Some, day my crazy arms will ho-ld, somebody new A D But now, I'm so lonely, all the time repeat chorus Tag: A G A D G D And th-at's, wh-y, I'm lonley all the time
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Instrumental/Lead intrlude (just a little ditty I made up!) D l-----------------------------------------------------------------2- l-----------------------------------------------------------------3- l-------------------2-----------------------------------2---------2- l----0----2----4-4-----4-5-2---0---4---0---------0---2h4---0------0- l-0h2-----------------------------------------0h2-----------------0- l-------------------------------------------------------------------
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