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Censorshit Ukulele tab


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intro  A 
A                                               A D A 
Tipper what's that sticker sticking on my CD 
Is that some kind of warning to protect me 
Freedom of choice needs a stronger stronger voice 
You can stamp out the source but you cant stop creative thought 
E              A  E                         A 
Ah Tipper come on Ain't you been getting it on 
D                 A                 E                    A 
Ask Ozzy Zappa or me we'll show you what it's like to be free 
E              A  E                               A 
Ah Tipper come on it's just a smokescreen for the real problems 
D   A                E             
S&L deficit the homeless the enviornment 
break (during "enviornment"  the first time, otherwise A)  
A G A G A   A G A G A 
second verse 
Hey hey all you all you senator's wives 
Better take a good look at your own lives 
Before you go preach to me  
Your definition of obsenity 
repeat chorus 
F# D E A   F# D E 
third verse 
The irony it seems it seems to me 
It's unamerican policy 
Yeah, we come so far but still only to find  
People like you with ignorant minds 
repeat chorus twice 
C F# D A     
C F# D A 
C F# D 
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