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Lost For Words Ukulele tab

Pink Floyd

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Lost For Words

Year: 1994 - Album: Division Bell

(Gilmour/ Samson)

  		C      F		         Fsus2      C 
I was spending my time in the doldrums, 
	 F		      Fsus2     C 
I was caught in a cauldron of hate. 
       F	      Fsus2     Am 
I felt persecuted and paralysed, 
	       G			  F     Fsus2      Fmaj7 
I thought that everything else would just wait. 
C      F		         Fsus2      C 
While you are wasting your time on your enemies, 
	 F		      Fsus2     C 
Engulfed by a fever of spite, 
       F	      Fsus2     Am 
Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades 
	       G			  F     Fsus2      Fmaj7 
Like shadows into the night. 
C      F		         Fsus2      C 
To martyr yourself to caution 
	 F		      Fsus2     C 
Is not going to help at all. 
       F	      Fsus2     Am 
Because there'll be no safety in numbers 
	       G			  F     Fsus2      Fmaj7 
When the Right One walks out of the door. 
  D	Fsus2	Bb	Am 
  Bbsus2	Bb	Dsus2	 
  D		F	D 
       C			       G 
Can you see your days blighted by darkness? 
      C					    G 
Is it true you beat your fists on the floor? 
C		           Em 
Stuck in a world of isolation 
	  D/F#		     C     Csus2 
While the ivy grows over the door. 
        C			       G 
So I open my door to my enemies, 
      C					    G 
And I ask could we wipe the slate clean. 
C		                  Em 
But they tell me to please go fuck myself. 
	  D/F#		     C     Csus2 
You know you just can't win. 
Contribuição: Filipi Machado Werneck de Freitas([email protected]) 
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