Pete Murray

Better Days

Pete Murray

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Better Days

Written by Pete Murray

	  		F                C 
   And I saw it coming  
         Em           Am 
I saw emptiness and tragedy  
F                    C 
   And I felt like running  
So far away  
Then knew I had to stay  
And I know when I'm older 
        Em                        Am 
I look back and I still feel the pain  
F                   C              Em 
   I know I'll be stronger and I know I'll be fine  
                     C    Em     Am                     
For the rest of my days  
      F             C    Em    Am 
I've seen better days  
       F               C    Em    Am 
Put my face in my hands  
   F             C           Em          Am 
Get down on my knees and I pray to God 
         F        C               Em    Am 
Hope he sees me through till the end---d  
(Follow chords and placings to the end of the song) 

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