Encoder (acoustic)


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Encoder (acoustic)

Capo on 3rd fret




D - D - Em (4x) 

verse 1:

Em           (G)          C 
You couldn't even show yourself out 
Em          (G)            C 
You were so held up by your thoughts 
Em       (G)          C 
Along the way we got divided 
Em           (G)            C 
And I'm left showing you the door 

D You couldn't look me in the eyes G So I'll dim the lights D G When you take me, out on your side D G We're spinning, out of sight D G Believe me, I'm on your side
Solo: C - D - Em... Bm - C - G... verse 2: Em (G) C It took so long for me to speak up Em (G) C It was the hardest thing to say Em (G) C Taken right up to the entrance Em (G) C At the last minute turned away
D Just can't look you in the eyes G So let's dim the lights D G Get a case out, pack up your pride D G It's over; We're out of time D G Delete me, I'm on your side
Solo: C - D - Em... Bm - C - G... D... Fades out, then fades in with new key Dm - Bb - F... Dm - Bb - F... Bridge: Dm Bb F For everything that could have been Dm Bb F Well at least we took the ride Dm Bb F There's no relief in bitterness Dm Bb F May as well let it die OUTRO: Dm - Bb - F... Dm - Bb - Dm-F... 4x loud, then 4x quietly fading
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