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Trouble Ukulele tab

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by bombaXXX

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  		  F           C 
Trouble, oh trouble set me free 
Gm      A#                    Gm      A# 
I have seen your face and its too much for me today 
  F           C 
Trouble, oh trouble cant you see 
Gm      A#                    Gm      A# 
You're eating my heart away, and theirs nothing much left of me 

D G   F         C 
I've drunk your wine 
              F          C 
You have made your world mine 
F   Gm 
so won't you be fair 
oh won't you be fair 

D G   F         C 
I don't want no more of you 
             F       C 
So won't you be kind to me 
And let me go there 
I have to go there 

Trouble, oh trouble move away 
I have seen your face and its too much for me today 
Trouble, oh trouble can't you see 
You have made me a wreck, now wont you leave me in my misery 

I've seen your eyesAnd I have seen deaths disguise, oh hanging on me 
oh hanging on me 
I'm deep and torn 
I'm shattered and lost and worn 
So shocking to see 
Too shocking to see 
Trouble, oh trouble please be kind 
I dont wanna fight, and I havn't got a lot of time... 
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