Paul Overstreet

Heroes Ukulele tab

Paul Overstreet

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  		(D)He drives into the city and (G)works extra hard all (D)day 
He finishes up early so (E)he can get (A)away. 
`Cause there's a blue-(D)eyed kid on second base; 
Wants (G)Dad to watch him (D)play 
And Daddy knows he's waiting so he (E)hurries on his (A)way 
'Cause you know (G)heroes come in (A)every shape and (D)size 
(G)Making special sacri(F#m)fices for (Em)others in their (A)lives 
(G)No one gives them medals, the (D)world don't know their names But 
in (G)someone's eyes, they're (A)heroes just the (D)same.   
(D)She rocks her crying baby in the hours before dawn 
She whispers words of hope to help her husband to hold on 
She takes time for the children making sure they know she cares 
She's more than just a Momma, she's the answer to their prayers. 
Now I (G)don't pretend to know you but I'll (D)bet it's safe to say 
There's (G)someone out there somewhere looking (D)up to you today And 
they (Bm)see everything you do except for (G)your mist(D)akes You 
(G)may not think you (D)measure up but (A)you've got all it takes 
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