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Put it There Ukulele tab

Paul McCartney

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by Cesaritmo

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Put it There

  		C                      G 
   Give me your hand,     I'd like to shake it. 
C                      G 
   I want to show you    Iīm your friend. 
C                      G 
   You'll unerstand        if I can make it clear 
C                              G 
   It's all that matters in the end. 
G        Em       D                  C 
   Put it  there     if it weights a   ton 
               G        D            C 
-Thatīs what a   father  said to his   young son. 
        G     D                C  
I donīt care    if it weight a    ton 
           G                 D              Em      C 
As long as    you and I are    here put it    there 
           G                 D              C       G        
As long as    you and I are    here put it    there 
C                       G 
   If thereīs a fight,     Iīd like to fix it. 
C                       G  
   I hate to see things    go so wrong. 
C                       G 
   The darkest night    and all its mixed emotions 
C                       G 
   Is getting lighter,     sing along. 
Repeat Chore: 
G                C 
   Hey la, heyla   hello a 
G                C 
   Hey la, heyla   hello a, ooh yea ! 
(repeat and fade) 
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