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Fine line Ukulele tab

Paul McCartney

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by billysheers63

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Fine line

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Fine line.(Paul Mcartneyīs album Chaos and creation)2005. A ,one two,,,,,, (intro)false start in 10 first string.with vocal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3th. ---------------------------------------3-3--2-2--3--3--5--5--7--7---8-8--10-10.2d. -10--10--9--9--7--7---5-5--3--3--2--2----------------------------1rst
A There is a fine line...between reklesness and courage. Fmaj7 Is about time, you understand which road to take. A Itīs a fine line.. your decision makes the difference, Fmaj7 A Get it wrong, youīll be making a big mistake.. ( Bridge) D Cīmon brother,,all is forgiven we all cryed, E7 A when you where driven away, D Cīmon brother, everything is better, everything... E7 A Fmaj7 A is better when you come home to stay. (eeeeeeeeeee).......... A (middle) Whatever is more important to you, Fmaj7 You got to choose what you want to do. A whatever is more important to be, Fmaj7 Thatīs the wiew that you got to see. A There is a long way between chaos and creation. Fmaj7 Fmaj7 if you donīt say, which one its gonna be, your gonna choose choose. A Itīs a long way , and in every congrigation Fmaj7 A seems to say.. itīs a game . that your bound to lose. D Cīmon brother all is forgiven..we all cryed E7 A D when you where driven away, Cīmon brother everything is better .... everything is better... E7 A when you cīmon to stay...(eeeeeeeeeeeeHH) A Fmaj7 Cīmon back .. cīmon back cīmon back to meeee...
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