Patty Griffin

Nobody's Crying

Patty Griffin

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Nobody's Crying

Verse 1:  

 E                         Abm  
Well he jumps in the taxi, headed for the sky  

      A                      E  
He's off to slay some demon or dragonfly  

    E                     Abm  
And he looked at me, that long last time  

A                         E  
Turned away again and I waved goodbye  

In an envelope, inside his coat  

     A                 E  
Is a chain I wore, around my throat  

Along with, a note I wrote  

         A              B  
Said "I love you but, I don't ... even know why"  

E A E But darling, I wish you well B On your way to the wishing well A Swinging off of those gates of hell B E A E But I can tell how hard you're trying E Just have that secret hope B sometimes all we do is cope A Somewhere on the steepest slope B There'll be an endless rope E A E and nobody crying.
Verse 2: (Same chords as 1st Verse except where noted) Well a long night turns into a couple long years Of me walkin' around, around this trail of tears Where the very loud voices of my own fears Is ringin' and ringin' in my ears B It says that love is long gone A E Every move I make is all wrong B Says you never gave a damn for me A B B7 For anything, for anyone Chorus B A E May you dream you are dreaming, in a warm soft bed B A E And may the voices inside you that fill you with dread B A E Make the sound of thousands of angels instead B A B B7 Tonight where you might be laying your head
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