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Dm Am F 
Dm F 
Em F 

verse 1 
            C    G 
I love you, uhm 
                                 Dm    F 
Easier to say than mean it these days 
I wanna feel joy 
Joy for the noise 
  Dm                          F             C 
Uhm baby, I'm letting down my hair up in my car 
                                         Dm    F 
When will we say that we've taken it too far? 
Baby you're still a joy, that I've taken too much of 

Am            Dm 
Let me be it, uhm 
Let me see it, mhm 
Let me find my joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy 
                       F            Am 
I wanna feel joy baby, I wanna feel joy 
                               Am    Dm 
I wanna feel joy, I wanna feel joy 
Am                G  Am    Dm   F  Dm 
Joy (Feel joy) 
       Am            Dm  F  C 
Let me find my joy 

G                 C              Dm 
I wanna feel joy, huh, for the noise baby 
F                   G  Dm 
Taking it too far 
Let me see, let me find 
Dm   F    C   Am  F    Dm 
Joy, joy, joy,        (Let me feel joy) 
C  Am  F  Em 
Joy          (I wanna feel joy) 
I wanna feel joy 
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