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Step Out Ukulele tab


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Step Out

Year: 2000 - Album: Familiar To Millions

Intro:   D   Em7  G  C  D
What she said , she said to me , 
        Em7                        G     C      D
Take me high on a mountain side
She was dressed up in leopard skin , 
              Em7                   G       C       D
And her soul would never be denied

I met her down the disco in a beat up car, 
                             C      G
Shes burning down the road
She looks just like a star in a jaguar, 
                    C                      G
She needs to lighten her load... and when
D Em7 You might think your gonna party, G D Em7 G You'll be alright step out tonight D Em7 You might think your gonna die, G D Em7 G But you'll be alright step out tonight
D Em7 Well I said I said to her , G C D I'm alive when you walk that way D Em7 Can you hear what I can hear , G C It's the sound of a brand new day **Bridge **Chorus G My whole lifes been sinking in the water, D C Em7 A I need a ship not a lost sweet lip tonight Solo: D Em7 G C D Em7 C G A C G A C G **Chorus Twice
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