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Shout It Out Loud Ukulele tab


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Shout It Out Loud

  		 Em  D  C D C
I hope we have found our sweet release
I hope I fill that hole in you soul
I hope that at last we get some peace 
I hope the light shines on we as one

D C9 
There'll never be enough to learn
the river's deep and the road is long
and every which way we turn
always seems insane
but it makes me feel alive

Am   C         	    G D
   Shout it out loud
   when I'm alive
   I Shout it out loud
   when I'm alive
   I Shout it out loud
   when I'm alive
   I Shout it out loud

Em D C D C
As we wish the world away
D'you think it's all a dream
cos that's what it seems

Every night we hope and pray
that we can do enough 
to keep our love

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