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Headshrinker Ukulele tab


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Year: 1998 - Album: Masterplan


   D			     C			      Bb5	G5    F5 
  D	C     Bb5     G5  F5   D/A

Verse 1
I know a girl who's lost and lonely
Sits by the phone on her own
But the phone don't ring
        G5          F5          D/A
And the birds don't sing in her tree
She lost herself in a haze of pity
And doesn't know where to run
Needs a headshrinker now
      G5		 F5       D/A
And I think it's time we had some fun

G5                 F5          G5                 D/A
Lost in a fog up a tree like a dog and I'm out of here
  G5		    F5      G5          D/A
I got no name and I feel no shame and I got no fear
    G5		      F5         G5
And I bow down to the tears of a clown
Whatever's going down is coming around
F5 			     A
   I hope you don't regret today for the rest of your... 

   D	C    G/B    Bb5       C5	   D
...lives              For the rest of your lives
	C    G/B    Bb5       C5           D
		      For the rest of your lives
        C    G/B    Bb5       C5           A
                      For the rest of your liiiiiives

(Guitar Solo)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Pre-chorus)

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