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Alice Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by abelamin

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Intro: Dm C G (x8) 

    Dm              C  G 
She always comes up smiling 
     Dm             C G 
And playing with her hair 
     Dm                C G 
She sometimes says I'm lying 
     Dm                 C G 
She thinks that I don't care 

   Dm            C   G 
I know that if I see you 
   Dm              C G 
I have to look and smile 
   Dm            C    G 
I know that if I hear you 
   Dm             C G 
I think I'll run a mile 

Dm C G (x2) 

E A B (x4) 

E G C D 

Dm C G (x2) 

     Dm                C  G 
She sometimes makes me blushing 
    Dm          C G 
By saying silly things 
     Dm                    C G 
She don't know where she's going 
     Dm                  C G 
With all the cheapskate things 

Dm  C G (x4) 

Dm  C G (x4) 

     Dm          C       G 
You never really spoke to me 
    Dm         C G 
You only stand still 
     Dm                 C          G 
From now I think you've learned to see 
   Dm          C G 
I never really cared 

Dm C G (x2) 

E A B (x4) 

E G C D 
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