Norah Jones


Norah Jones

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Peace Key AmAm
Peace Key A#mA#m
Peace Key BmBm
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Dm7 Gm7 Cm7 F7 Emaj7 B7 Ebmaj7 
Intro 2 
Em7 A D D7 A Abm7 G7 Gbmaj7 
B7 E7 Ebmaj7 

        Dm7              G7 
There's a place that I know 
       Cm             F7 
Where the sycamores grow 
     Emaj7   B7      Ebmaj7 
And daffodils have their fun 
Em7                      A7 
Where the cares of the day 
        D              Bm7 
Seem to slowly fade away 
Abm7        G7                  Gbmaj7 
And the glow of the evening sun 
F7      E7                Ebmaj7 
Peace, when the day is done 

Dm7                 G7 
If I go there real late; 
Cm7      Eb        F7 
Let my mind meditate 
Emaj7           Bb7      Ebmaj7 
On everything to be done 
Em7                A7 
If I search deep inside; 
Dmaj7               Gb7   Bm7 
Let my conscience be my guide 
Abm7            G7           Gb7    Dbmaj7  F7 
Then the answers are sure to come 
     Gb7             Ebmaj7 
Don't have to worry none 

D7 Gm7 Ebmaj7 D Abm7 B7 Ebmaj7 
Em7 A7 D Bm7 G7 Gbmaj7 
F7 E7 Ebmaj7 

         Dm7             Gm7 
When you find peace of mind 
    Cm7                F7 
Leave your worries behind 
Abm        Bb7                Ebmaj7 
Don't say that it can't be done 
Em7                    A7 
With a new point of view 
            Dmaj7           Bm7 
Life's true meaning comes to you 
                    G7        Gbmaj7 
And the freedom you seek is won 
Db7           C7     Bmaj7 
Peace is for everyone 
Abm7               Gbmaj7 
Peace is for everyone 
F7           E7   Fmaj7  Eb 
Peace is for everyo-o-o-o-one 
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