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Franco unamerican Ukulele tab


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by europeu

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Franco unamerican

  		  G                Em           G           Em 
I never thought about the universe, it made me feel small 
         C               Am               C         D 
Never thought about the problems of this planet at all 
 G          Em      G        Em 
Global warming, radio-active sites 
 C              Am         C         D 
Imperialistic wrongs and animal rights! No! 
Why think of all the bad things when life is so good? 
Why help with an 'am' when there's always a 'could'? 
Let the whales worry about the poisons in the sea 
Outside of California, it's foreign policy 
  G                           Em  
I don't want changes, I have no reactions 
 C                       D 
Your dilemmas are my distractions 
G                  D      Em      C               
That's no way to go, Franco Un-American 
G           D   Em        C 
No way to go, Franco Un-American 
G         D       Em       C 
No way to go, Franco Un-American 
G         D     Em        C 
No way to go, Franco, Franco Un-American 

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