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Electricity Ukulele tab


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e|------------------------------------| B|10---------10---------10---------10-| G|-9----------9----------9----------9-| D|-7----7-----7----7-----7----7-----7-| A|------7----------7----------7-------| E|------5----------5----------5-------| RIFF 1 - GUITARRA 1 D|77-7777-7777-7777-7777-7777-7777-7777| A|77-7777-7777-7777-7777-7777-7777-7777| E|55-5555-5555-5555-5555-5555-5555-5555| RIFF2 - GUITARRA 2 e|------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------------- G|9-9-9109-9-9-9797-5--575-5-5-5454---------------- D|-7--------7------3-3------3--------5--575-5-5-5-5 A|----------------------------------3-3------3---3- E|------------------------------------------------- ----------------| ----------------| --7--797-7-7-7-7| -5-5------5---5-| X2 ----------------| ----------------|
GUITARRA 1 - A,F,C,G X2 1º VERSO E5 0ne source of energy,OOOOHHHH C5 The ultimate discovery G5 Electric blue for me D5 Never more to be free E5 Electricity,OOOOHHHH C5 Nuclear and h.e.p G5 Carbon fuels from the sea D5 Wasted electricity 1º REFRÃO A5 EI EI EI EI G5 EI EI EI EI RIFF 1 RIFF 2 - X2 2º VERSO E5 One source of energy,OOOOHHHH C5 Electricity G5 All we need to live today D5 A gift for man to throw away E5 The chances has nearly gone,OOOOHHHH C5 The alternative is one G5 Final source of energy D5 Solar electricity 2º REFRÃO A5 EI EI EI EI G5 EI EI EI EI FINAL - GUITARRA 1 - RIFF 1 Electricity, electricity, electricity Electricity, electricity, electricity FINAL - GUITARRA 2 RIFF 3 e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|7-7-797-7-7-7-7--| D|-9-------9-9-9-9-| X8 A|-----------------| E|-----------------| _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Marcelo([email protected])
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