Alpha Omega


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Alpha Omega

Alpha, alpha 
I said omega 
F              G  
won't you come down here 
for a while 
I'd love, to give you 
F       G 
A baby, A baby 

flowers flowers  
for your garden 
F           G 
your garden now 
I'll give you children 
why are you laughing? 
F        G 
laughing at me 
C        Bb                
oh, I'll give you children 
G           F         C 
why are you laughing? 
G                    C 
why are you laughing? 
C      Bb 
Omega, I love you 
but my heart's  
G      C  
turned to stone 
F   G  
you promised  
Bb      F  
to love me 
C  G  Bb                 F  
now   now you're love is gone 
C           Bb 
flowers, in my garden 
      F    G  
I can hear them 
sing me a song 
C       G   Bb          F 
scarlet........ sunshine 
Omega, whatcha doin' over there? 
Bb             F    C 
with a lion, a bear, a tiger 
runnin' your fingers through his hair 
G          F     C  
hair, hair hair, hair 
hair hair 
C        Bb 
flowers, flower  
G       F          C 
flowers everywhere 
C          Bb 
Omega said Alpha 
G                F      G 
I'm your friend, me too 
G             Bb 
But the lions out there,  
F          C     G  
and I saw  curly hair 
C            Bb              F  G    
They call me,   they draw me awayway 
from you 
C                 Bb                 F 
I kissed a flower,   I kissed a lion 
F          C 
made love, to a bear 
          Bb      F                  G 
makin' you standin there as my child 
G            C  
that jackass over there 
C               Bb                F  
Alpha broke down,   his head fell to the ground 
G                  C  
what have you done to me? 
C                    Bb       F 
I wanted to give you children 
G              C  
give it to you please 

C Bb F 
G C 

C                    Bb        F G 
I wanted to give you children 
G         Bb  F      C  
givin' me     pain 
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