Moon Safari

Constant Bloom

Moon Safari

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Constant Bloom


Bb          Cm  Dm 
Strange are the days 
         Eb          F 
How they seem out of place 
        Dm     D    Gm 
Flowers spring in a row 
     Eb       C7     F 
To defeat the ridden snow 

Bb       Cm Dm 
Yet they exist 
        Eb       F 
Without magic or tricks 
        Dm      D      Gm 
When by chance, loving June 
          Eb      F         Bb 
Gasps for air and calls out "Bloom!" 

Eb                          Dm  Dm7 
Life as is said goes up and down 
Eb                         F      Bb      Ab  Bb 
We walk through the door a second time around to 
Eb                         Dm  Dm7 
Do what was said but never done, 
Eb                       D7      Gm   F   C7 
And promised you gardens made of green 

          Bb           Eb         Gm         Ebm 
Yet we're lost in this tune, just men of the moon 
Bb              Eb       F        Bb 
That sing for a world of constant bloom 
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