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Mark Mueller - Ducktales Ukulele tab

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by hugo%5Frodrigues

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Mark Mueller - Ducktales


Life is like a hurricane 

Esus2/4  E   Esus2/4  E 
Here     in  Duck-    burg 

Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes 

Asus2/4  A  Asus2/4  A 
It's     a  duck-    blur 

F#m7          B 
Might solve a myst'ry 

F#m7       B 
Or rewrite hist'ry... 

E DuckTales! (ooh-wooh-ooh) C D Every day they're out there makin' E DuckTales! (ooh-wooh-ooh) C D Tales of daring-do, bad and good- E Luck Tales! (ooh-wooh-ooh)
BRIDGE: F#m7 E/G# Danger! (Watch behind you!) A/D E There's a stranger (out to find you!) B/C# What to do? Just grab on to some...
F# DuckTales! (ooh-wooh-ooh) D E Every day they're out there makin' F# DuckTales! (ooh-wooh-ooh) D E Tales of daring-do, bad and good- F# Luck Tales! (ooh-wooh-ooh) D E Not pony tails or cotton tails, no: F# DuckTales!! (ooh-wooh-ooh!)
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