Mike Parrish

Buffett Time

Mike Parrish



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Buffett Time

Written by Mike Parrish

C    F    C    F    C    G    C         

Verse I 
Well I C know a lotta' people F just like me 
Who C love to gather 'round on F Crystal Beach 
And C we'll do damned G well as we C please 
There'll C always be somebody with F somethin' to say 
A- C - bout the way you choose to F spend your days 
And C those are the ones who are G just afraid to be C free 
They tell ya' C he did this, they say F she did that 
But C like ol' Merle I wear my F own kinda hat 
If C you don't like it you can G move on down the C line 
Don't C really care whatcha F say about me 
C I get along by my- F -self you see 
And C you can do better than to G try and waste my C time 

I'm a C Texas born F bonafide hell- G -raiser and I do as I C please 
Gonna' F lay around 'til the G sun goes down in this warm southern C breeze 
C Hey if ya' wanna' F pass me a Corona G I got the salt and C lime 
Got F nowhere else I'd G rather be, I'm just livin on G Buffett C Time 

Verse II 
C Some folks say I got a F bad attitude 
I've C always been one to sing my F own kinda tune 
C I don't do what G every one expects of me 
C I ramble around from F town to town 
C When it's time to leave F I ain't wearin' a frown 
C Pack up my gui- G -tar and I C leave 
Well if C you don't like me then F that's your loss 
But C over my life I'm the F one that's boss 
I C try to do what I G think is right at the C time 
I'm gonna C be myself 'cause F that's who I am 
And if C you don't like it I don't F give a damn 
C Like that ol' song I'm G gonna let my little light C shine 

Repeat Chorus 

INSTRUMENTAL: F     Dm     Am    G    F    Dm     Am    A7    

Ending Chorus 
I'm a D Texas born G bonafide hell- A -raiser and I do as I D please 
Gonna' G lay around 'til the A sun goes down in this warm southern D breeze 
D Hey if ya' wanna', G pass me a Corona, A I got the salt and D lime 
Got G nowhere else I'd A rather be, I'm just livin on Buffett D Time 

Got G nowhere else I'd A rather be, I'm just livin' on Buffett D Time  G    A    D-END 
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