Lunatic Soul


Lunatic Soul

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Intro Em Dsus2 Bm Asus2 Em (2x) 


I know we're passing by 
Bm      Asus2              Em 
See the shadows of our own 
Apart from where we are 
Bm          Asus2               Em 
We still believe and raise our hopes 
We're locked up alone 
Bm              Asus2           Em 
Going nowhere, waiting for the dawn 
And just like shooting stars 
Bm                  Asus2         Em 
We sleep in flames, until we burn up 
Until we burn up 

Asus2 Dadd9 Asus2 Em 
(Note: slide from 7 to 8 and back on B-string after playing Dadd9) 

How many lives we live 
Bm                 Asus2       Em 
Poised between all heaven and earth 
How many times we die 
Bm                 Asus2             Em 
Trying for rebirth with a different mask 
No matter where we go 
Bm               Asus2     D 
Souls adrift never say goodbye 


Outro (same as intro) 
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