Local Natives


Local Natives

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Am C Am Em C C 

Am         Em 
Leaving to escape 
Windmills on the southern plain 
Hum your name 

Am     Em                C 
49 palms muddled over my words 
Wait for more 
Sleep alone 
Em        C 
Start all over 

(You can strum this part more then once for each chord if your doing this  
solo guitar but play an open B after each strum) 
Am      Em       C 
Visions flood my mind 
So the sins come alive 
In the blurring light 
Am                 Em 
Thought I saw your face 
Watching broken fingers placed 

(This is when the second guitar would come in which you can play it as 
 4 on the g 3 on the b then open then b again) 


Blind now we've chased 
Am     Em 
Sleep alone 
C         C 
Start all over 

Am              Em 
A fire then the flood 
C                        C 
Could something wrong be something good? 
Am    Em 
Do you think you should? 
Am  Em 
I would rather love 
C      C 
Someone I couldn't touch 
Am Em 
Than give us up 
Am    Em 
Sleep alone 
C         C 
Start all over 

So I dwell 
On going wild again 

Em         C 
I love what you do 
      Em                 C 
But I can't get out from under you 
Em         C 
So I don't try 

Am Em Sleep alone C C Start all over Am Em So I dwell C C On going wild again (And That's It.)
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