Les Miserables

Who Am I

Les Miserables

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Who Am I

Intro: Bb  Bb/A  Gm7  Gm7/F  Eb  Eb/D  Cm  Cm/F 

Who am I? 

Bb/A                        Gm 
  Can I condemn this man to slavery 

Gm/F                        Eb     Eb/D 
  Pretend I do not feel his agony 

This innocent who bears my face 

Who goes to judgement in my place 

Who am I? 

Bb/A                      Gm 
  Can I conceal myself forever more? 

Gm/F                        Eb            Eb/D 
  Pretend I'm not the man I was before? 

And must my name until I die 

Be no more than an alibi? 

Must I lie? 

    Bb/A               Gm 
How can I ever face my fellow men? 

    Gm/F              Eb            Eb/D 
How can I ever face myself again? 

My soul belongs to God, I know 

I made that bargain long ago 

   D/F#              D 
He gave me hope when hope was gone 

           Gm          Gm    Em7 
He gave me strength to journey on 

       Bb/F         F 
Who am I?    Who am I? 

             Bb     Ab6  F#  Bb/F 
I am Jean Valjean! 

    D              D7/F# 
And so Javert, you see it's true 

               Gm      Gm/F       C/E 
That man bears no more guilt than you! 

Who am I? 

F       Bb 
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