Led Zeppelin

Heartbreaker Ukulele tab

Led Zeppelin

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by tamamoreira

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Year: 1969 - Album: Led Zeppelin II

  		A riff x3,  B riff,  A riff 
 A                                         D        A 
Hey fellas, have you heard the news? you know that Annie's back in town? 
    A                                      D   A 
It won't take long just watch and see how the fellas lay their money down. 
     A                                    D      A 
Her style is new but the face is the same as it was so long ago, 
     A                                D     A                   D-A D-A D-A 
But from her eyes, a different smile like that of one who knows. 

   A riff x3,  B riff,  A riff 
       A                                   D       A 
Well, it's been ten years and maybe more since I first set eyes on you. 
     A                                  D A 
The best years of my life gone by, here I am alone and blue. 
      A                              D      A 
Some people cry and some people die by the wicked ways of love 
     A                               D         A                     D-A D-A D-A 
But I'll just keep on rollin' along with the grace of the Lord above. 

  C riff 
People talkin' all around 'bout the way you left me flat, 
C riff 
I don't care what the people say, I know where their jive is at. 
D riff 
One thing I do have on my mind, if you can clarify please do, 
E riff 
It's the way you call me by another guy's name when I try to make love to you. 

  solo, then A7-A13/sus4-A7 A6=A7=A13/sus4  x8,  Am7 Bm7/A, solo, A-G-A-C-A-G

  I try to make love but it ain't no use, give it to me, give it 

D A                                                
 Work so hard I couldn't unwind, get some money saved, 
D A 
 Abuse my love a thousand times, however hard I try.  
D A 
  Heartbreaker, your time has come, can't take your evil ways 
D A                       D-A D-A D-A 
  Go away, Heartbreaker. 

D-A D-A D-A 

Heartbreaker!  Heartbreaker!  Heart! 
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