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Getaway Ukulele tab


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by ubirbomfim

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  		Intro Am Dm x4 

Am Dm I gotta get away sometimes (oh yeaah) Am Dm I got to get away Am Dm I gotta slip away sometimes(get away, get away) Am Dm I got to slip away to my special place
verse 1: Am Dm I woke up yeah on a cloudy day Am Dm I'm feeling bla-zi blase from last nights party Am Dm And in the back of my mind I got work today Am Dm I couldn't find my shoes to la-di da-day Bridge: Am Excuse me sir, me car broke down Dm Me Mrs left me with the baby now Am And I can't make that date today Dm It might have to be another day Am Dm I said I'm sorry Am Dm I said I'm sorry Oh yeah *Chorus* *Repeat verse 1* *Repeat BRIDGE* BREAKDOWN: Am Dm Got to get away (Got to give up some time job dont give you the feeling) Am Dm Got to slip away (Straight blessing the place and we're natural healing) Am Dm To our own special place (Got to get away from the noise of the city ) Am Dm Got to get away ( Got to slip away to me own reality...) Solo: Am Dm throughout
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