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Em       D 
How long 
          C          Em 
Is the pattern going to speak for you 
Em     D             C 
How far can your voice reach 
Your song below the night 
Em      D 
From my view 
I can see you 
Shudder where you are standing 
In the vision 
D       C 
Cyan blue 

C     Am 
   B      Em 
C             Am            B 
This time you won't be needing me 

Em                 D 
To run along the freeway 
C               Em 
To weigh one's heart against the oncoming dark 
Em                      D 
You left me with the pills 
C            Em 
We had plans but you couldn't make it 
Em             D 
Through the trees 
C             Em        
What took you so long 
Em            D 
The high grass 
C              Em 
What took you so long 

Em              D 
Translate the fire 
C                   Em 
The venom's rush inside your heart 
Em     D        C 
How long can winter 
Colour your every word 
Em          D 
And the skyline 
        C                Em 
Past the houses and the cities 
Em       D 
C          Em 
Carmine red 

C         Am 
       B         Em 
This river 
C                  Am 
This time I will 
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