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49 Hairflips Ukulele tab

Jonathan Wilson

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by brunblazkowski

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49 Hairflips

F C Dm  
C Bb 
F G7 
Bb G  

verse 1 
We were burning we were looting 
         C                             Dm 
We were learning one or two things about life 
          C              Bb 
We should fuck right in front of them 
Just to show them our light 

verse 2 
Well be fucking well be sucking 
         C                                 Dm 
While the rest of them were posting their lives 
      C                Bb 
These kids will never rock again 
            G      G7 A7    Bb 
Sign of the times 

verse 3 
Yeah rimming and shooting 
     C                         Dm 
I'm so destitute without your love 
      C           Bb 
When will I breathe deep again 
Is there laughter in sight? 

verse 4 
Spinning and hurting 
       C             Dm 
Theres no resolution tonight 
       C      Bb 
Youre mother earth ecstasy 
          G       G7 A7 
I call it divine 

Bb G (2X) 

C                   Bb 
Forty-nine hairflips 
C                   Bb 
Forty-nine hairflips 
C                   Bb         Am 
Forty-nine hairflips on Dayquil 

Verse 5 
             Bb  F          C 
I believe in you     Yes i do 

I believe in you 
Do you believe in me ? 
            F               C  (2x) 
No we dont believe in anything 

Bb F (2X) 

Verse 6 

Bb Bb7 Bb6 

Im not leaving these walls 
                      C           Dm 
Without the prettiest song I can find 
   C         Bb 
I miss your laugh most of all 
I really miss it tonight 
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