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Lovesong Ukulele tab

Jonathan David Helser

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by hebealmeida

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  		||: Bb    | F    | Gm     | Eb     :|| 

(verse 1) 
Bb F Gm Eb 
I can hear a love song all around me when the wind blows 
I can hear your voice speak, it surrounds me when the leaves move 

Bb F Gm Bb (| Bb F | Gm | Bb |) I'm just dust without your breath Bb F Gm Bb (| Bb F | Gm | Bb |) I'm just clay without your kiss Bb Gm F Eb (| Bb Gm | F | Eb |) I'm just skin and bone Bb D Eb (| Bb D | Eb | |) Without your wind in my lungs
(1st time back to top) (2nd time into bridge via: |Gm . Eb |) (verse 2) I can hear a love song in everything you're singing I can hear your heartbeat flowing through me, you're inside me (bridge) ||: Bb | Eb | Gm | Gm . Eb . :|| Ohhhhhh... (back to top, verse 1, Chorus, bridge, Chorus, end)
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