Johnny Rivers

You win again

Johnny Rivers



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You win again

	  		1st Verse: 
E The B7 news is E out - all over A town 
That you've been E seen - a-runnin' B7 'round 
I know that E I - should leave, but A then 
I just can't E go - YOU B7 WIN A- E GAIN. 
1st Bridge: 
This heart of A mine - could never E see 
What ev'rybod - y knew but B7 me 
Just trusting E you - was my great A sin 
What can I E do - YOU B7 WIN A- E GAIN. 
2nd Verse: 
I'm sorry for - your victim now 
'Cause soon his head - like mine will bow 
He'll give his heart - but all in vain 
And someday say - YOU WIN AGAIN. 
2nd Bridge: 
You have no heart - you have no shame 
You take true love - and give the blame 
I guess that I - should not complain 
I love you still - YOU WIN AGAIN. 

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