John Lennon

Jealous Guy

John Lennon

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Jealous Guy

Year: 1971 - Album: Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon

(John Lennon)

	  		Intro:  G Em D D7/F# D7/9/F# Em 
G      Em              D 
I was dreaming of the past, 
D7/F#     D7/9/F#           Em   C#m7  
And my heart was beating fast. 
                    D    Em                  C 
I began to lose control, I began to lose control. 

G F C D9 I didn't mean to hurt you, G F Bb I'm sorry that I made you cry, oh no. G D/F# Em G/D I didn't want to hurt you, C G I'm just a jealous guy.
G Em D I was feeling in secure, D7/F# D7/9/F# Em C#m7 you might not love me anymore. D Em C I was shivering inside, I was shivering inside. (Refrain) Solo: G Em D D7/F# D7/9/F# Em C#m7 D Em C (Refrain) G Em D I was trying to catch your eyes, D7/F# D7/9/F# Em C#m7 Thought that you was” trying to hide. D Em C I was swallowing my pain, I was swallowing my pain. (Refrain) G C G (Watch out) I'm just a jealous guy. G C G (Look out, babe) I'm just a jealous guy.
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