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Blossom Ukulele tab

James Taylor

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by deivcavalcanti

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Year: 1990 - Album: Sweet Baby James

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Capo on 5th fret

Capo on 5th 

D        C/D         B/D               G   F#/D    E    Asus 
Blossom, smile some sunshine down my way lately, I've been lonesome.  

D        C/D       B/D             G     F#/D    E        Asus    
Blossom, it's been much too long a day,  seems my dreams have frozen, 

F       G     Asus 
melt my cares away.  

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e|------- ------- ------- -------|------- ------- ------- -------| B|0-------2---3-------2-------0--|------------0------------------| G|0-------0---0-------0-------0--|----2-------0-------2-------2--| D|0-------0---0-------0-------0--|----0-------0-------0-------0--| A|--------0---2-------0----------|----------------------------2--| E|3---------------------------3--|----2-------3-------2----------|
E7 Asus A7 Send the sunshine down my way whenever you Call my name (second time is the same w different lyrics) E7 Asus A7 I know what you mean to say to me, Baby its all the same D C/D B/D G F#/D E Asus Blossom, there's an empty road behind, sit you down beside me. D C/D B/D G F#/D E Asus Blossom,there's a sweet dream on my mind, there's a song inside me F G A take these chains away. repeat middle part repeat verse 1 lalalalalalalalalala D C/D B/D G F#/D E Asus
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